Clamp-On Hand Models

Regardless of space constraints, elevations, the distance between points and directional flows H & N Supplies can engineer a Roto Hammer® valve operation system that will work for you. No company can afford expensive downtime, and our Custom Solutions for valves help to ensure that you’ll be back up and running sooner.

Item No. Hand Wheel Diameter
EXT-HMCO-4 101 mm (4”)
EXT-HMCO-6 152 mm (6”)
EXT-HMCO-9 229 mm (9”)
EXT-HMCO-12 305 mm (12”)
EXT-HMCO-15 381 mm (15”)
EXT-HMCO-18 457 mm (18”)
EXT-HMCO-24 610 mm (24”)
EXT-HMCO-30 762 mm (30”)
EXT-HMCO-36 914 mm (36”)

Please supply the following information when ordering Clamp-on Hand Model valve extensions:

1. Valve size and type
2. Diameter of existing hand wheel
3. Number of hand wheel spokes
4. Length of extension required

If the valve extension will be positioned horizontally and will be longer than 914mm (3’), H & N Supplies recommend the purchase of an Extension Rod Support Bearing for additional support.

CAUTION: Provisions must be made to prevent the HANDWHEEL RETAINING NUT FROM BACKING OFF whenever a chain wheel is installed. To insure safe operations, H & N Supplies Ltd recommends that thorough inspection of all chain operated valves be performed as a routine part of the user’s Safety/Maintenance Schedule. Set screws and other threaded fasteners MUST be secure and tight.

In addition, it is strongly recommended that an appropriately sized Roto Hammer RCK Safety Cable Kit (optional) be installed on every overhead chain wheel operated valve.