RCK Safety Cable Kits

RCK Safety Cable KitsIt is highly recommended that a suitably sized Roto Hammer RCK Safety Cable Kit is installed on every overhead chain wheel operated valve.

  • Provides an extra level of safety if the chain wheel should come unattached from the valve and fall
  • 3 sizes to fit the complete line up of Roto Hammer® Chain Wheels (CL, C, E & M Series)
  • Unit comes complete with stainless steel cable, clamps and stainless steel shackle (1/4 and 5/16 only)
  • RCK Safety Cable Kits are sold separately or come factory installed as part of a Roto Safety Wheel Unit
Size Fits Chain Wheel Models
RCK 3/16” CL4 – CL15, M9 – M12 and E6 – E12
RCK 1/4” CL18 – CL24, M15 – M18 and E15 – E18
RCK 5/16” C30 – C40, M24 – M30 and E24 – E30

RCK Safety Cable Kit Installation Instruction Sheet PDF – View | Download


Provisions must be made to prevent the HANDWHEEL RETAINING NUT FROM BACKING OFF whenever a chain wheel is installed. To insure safe operations, Roto Hammer recommends that thorough inspection of all chain operated valves be performed as a routine part of the user’s Safety/Maintenance Schedule. Set screws and other threaded fasteners MUST be secure and tight.